Ways to Save on Dental Costs

Having affordable dental costs is something that many Americans want but feel as though it is beyond their reach. Thankfully, medicaid dental coverage options help with dental costs for eligible applicants.

It is no secret that healthcare costs in America are expensive, and these costs are magnified when you consider that normal health insurance often does not cover specialized forms of healthcare such as therapy, cosmetic surgery or dental care. In order to combat the costs of these health services, the most popular solution is to get your own private supplemental coverage plan.

Medicaid plans help by paying for a portion of your specialized health bills after you pay a certain amount up front. However, what if affordable dental insurance is not a financial option for certain low-income American families? Certain insurance companies strive to make their most basic plans accessible to everyone, but the monthly costs of insurance can still be too much of a burden for some families across the country. In these instances, it is important to learn about the many different ways that you can save on your dental costs, without shelling out lots of money on expensive insurance plans.

Why is having affordable dental costs important?

Having cheap dental bills is a wonderful feeling, but many Americans neglect worrying about their teeth until it is too late. With the changing economy of the past few decades, as well as the national controversy over healthcare, dental costs have risen very rapidly in a short amount of time. To go alongside the expense of seeing a dentist, more and more Americans are going without any form of dental insurance. While some jobs provide dental coverage as part of their compensation package, many do not. This leaves Americans with the choice to get whatever kinds of supplemental coverage plans that they want, often leaving dental aside as an unnecessary monthly expense.

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However, even if they do not have even the most affordable dental insurance, Americans should still be concerned with how much they are needing to pay at the dentist. While going for a simple checkup while uninsured may not be too ridiculous of a cost, there is always the chance that your dentist will find something in your checkup that needs further attention. Cavities, root canals, enamel chipping and more can happen to anyone, regardless of their age or past dental history. Therefore, it is critical to do everything within your power to pay as little out of your own pocket as possible while visiting the dentist, especially if you do not have affordable dental coverage.

Affordable Dental Tip: Prioritize Proper Maintenance

Perhaps the easiest way to spend less on dental costs is to take good care of your teeth to reduce the need for frequent dental care, if possible. Dental hygiene is an often overlooked aspect of staying healthy for many people, but it is actually more important than you might think. Although your teeth are just one part of your mouth, they are actually linked with the overall health of your body. Your mouth is connected to your stomach, and many other parts of your body can suffer if a disease or infection is present there. Oral bacteria can play a role in heart health and in the health of a developing fetus.

Additionally, the cheapest dental costs come from preventing the worst dental problems before they occur. By brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis, you can prevent the following dental problems from causing you pain and financial burden:

  • If you neglect cleaning your teeth, they can eventually wear down and begin to form tiny holes. These usually must be filled in order to prevent further damage or infection.
  • Root canals. In more extreme cases of tooth decay or nerve pain, dentists may need to drill into a tooth to remove an infection. This is often more involved and expensive than a normal cavity procedure.
  • Gum disease. If your teeth are unhealthy, chances are high that your gums are as well. This can lead to infection in the gums, which can cause swelling, pain and even bleeding.

To prevent these problems from developing into expensive issues, good personal hygiene is critical.

Affordable Dental Tip: Make a Deal with your Dentist

Dental discount plans are not a common coverage option, but they can be an excellent resource if you need help paying your dental bills. These are programs that you can sign up for with a yearly membership fee, and allow certain participating dentists to charge a much lower rate. While these plans can often cost around $100 every month, they are often much cheaper than getting dental insurance, and good for those who already have a good dental history.

Finally, affordable coverage can come from simply asking your dentist for a cheaper method of payment. While a dental savings plan is not an option with some dentists, others will allow you to pay off your dental bills over time. As opposed to getting a new credit card with a terrible interest rate in order to pay these bills, dentists can offer some leeway and allow for generous repayment times. You can even ask your dentist if they would be willing to give you a discount if you paid up-front in cash. This can be a preferable payment method for some dentists, as billing can be more complicated through credit cards. Regardless of the method you choose, asking questions of your dentist can help you if you are pressed for finances.

Affordable Dental Tip: Utilize Other Options

While dental discount cards are certainly an excellent way to utilize your dentist of choice for a lower cost, there are even cheaper options for those who are not particularly choosy about where they receive treatment. While your dentist will be the person that knows your teeth and overall dental history best, you can also get cheaper dental treatment at:

  • Dental schools. This is a popular destination for cheap dental care, as students can use you for guided, hands-on job experience, for a low price on your part.
  • Community clinics. While not all community clinics have volunteer dentists, some do as an effort to help those in need.
  • Specialized dental programs. While the American Dental Association has a list of discounted dental care facilities in your area, there are also lots of private clinics and other services that mostly specialize in discounted dental care for children and seniors.

Affordable dental care is attainable for all Americans, as long as they utilize all of the proper resources and help that is available to them through various types of insurance plans or additional medical savings programs.

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