6 Tips for Treating Back Pain

Finding back pain relief can often be as simple as addressing the issue head on. While some individuals may find that lower back pain relief will only come from a doctor or chiropractor, there are other ways to treat back pain.

Sometimes a simple fix like incorporating daily stretching can be all that is needed to relieve built up pain and tension in a person’s lower back. Back pain remedies come in different forms—from exercising to yoga, buying a new mattress or making posture a priority. Depending on the type of back pain a person is experiencing, the different ways to address the pain will vary. Some circumstances may certainly warrant a trip to see a medical professional, however, there may be other treatments to try first. To find out more, continue reading below.

1. Try Exercising To Relieve Back Pain

It might not be the immediate answer for relieving back pain issues, however, exercise is extremely beneficial in getting the muscles loose and moving. When an individual chooses to exercise to relieve back pain, he or she will find that tension trapped within the muscles will become loose and endorphins will be released, which are the brain’s natural painkillers. Exercising that can help alleviate back pain can include light walking, yoga, water aerobics and other low-impact activities.

An individual may also choose specific exercises for lower back pain that address the issue head on. Exercises should be minimal in terms of stress on the back and should provide more of a stretch of the area. Types of exercises to consider for lower back pain can include hamstring stretches, wall sits, partial crunches and more.

2. Hot & Cold Compresses

One of the simplest back pain remedies to consider involves using hot and cold compresses on the affected area of the body. Ice packs can be an immediate lower back pain treatment that will reduce the amount of inflammation in the back. The cold from the ice can also help apply a numbing to the area, which is helpful when the back pain is extreme. Use a cold pack on the back for no more than 20 minutes at a time, then rest.

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A heating pad is also an option for those seeking simple back pain treatments. Heating pads apply warmth to an area that can help relieve achy and stiff muscles. By Rotating between a hot and cold compress, an individual can reduce inflammation while simultaneously loosening the muscles of the back.

3. Use Medications for Back Pain Relief

Back pain remedies often involve the use of over-the-counter or prescriptions medication. Depending on the type of back pain an individual has, a doctor may recommend the following medications as an option:

  • Over-the-counter pain relievers — such as Advil, Motrin or Ibuprofen
  • Muscle relaxants – if back pain is severe, a doctor may recommend a muscle relaxer to help
  • Topical pain relievers – can include creams, ointments or salves to be rubbed on the affected area
  • Steroid injections – doctors may administer cortisone, which is an anti-inflammatory medication to help assist the nerve roots within the body

4. Try Buying New Shoes

While this might seem like an obvious way to treat back pain, it may often be all a person needs. Before assuming that the lower back pain remedy is going to cost time and money, first assess how the shoes worn most often allow the body the support it needs. Wearing shoes that do not fit or shoes that have limited support can often be the cause of lower back pain. When there is limited support in a shoe, the muscles in the back, legs and even the neck are strained more than usual. For example, high heels can easily throw off the alignment of the back, leading to severe lower back pain over time. Flip-flops, too, are a perfect example of shoes that can harm the back. To find a quick way to find back pain relief, make sure to purchase shoes that fit properly and support the feet.

5. Put an Emphasis on Posture

Back pain treatment can often be as simple as making daily adjustments to a person’s posture. For those who are seeking relief from back pain but who sit at a desk for the majority of their workday, improving overall posture can be a great help. Improper posture such as slouching or straining over a computer can cause severe back problems over time. A simple back pain remedy to consider is adjusting posture throughout the day to make sure the spine is aligned and the shoulders are not slouched. Setting an alarm as a reminder throughout the day or writing a note can be a great way to incorporate remembering to adjust posture at a person’s desk. Another simple way to put an emphasis on posture is when a person walks. Making sure that shoulders are back, eyes facing forward and body is erect can help provide quick back pain relief.

6. Remove All Sleep Disturbances

A simple back pain treatment at home for many people that often can be tried the very same day, is making sure to get rid of all potential sleep disturbances. Lower back pain relief can come from eliminating everything that may cause an individual to miss quality sleep throughout the night. Common reasons sleep disturbances can occur, include:

  • Uncomfortable mattress
  • Pillows the wrong size
  • Firmness of pillows or mattress
  • Not enough room in bed
  • Not enough pillows

Back pain treatment comes from making sure that there is proper aligned of the back which ensures that quality of sleep is at a healthy level. Individuals should make sure that the pillow being used is supportive enough to keep the back and neck in a straight line. Those who sleep on their side should make sure to place an extra pillow between the knees for added support.

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